This is a quick summary of the most common questions that are Winjed our way. For more information about Winja, please contact us directly at 'admin@winja.com.au'.


What is Winja?

Winja is an App for people who want to Winj and businesses who want to resolve those Winjs. It is a place where your Winj will be heard and supported by like-minded people. Welcome to an environment free of judgement - you're not alone.


How does Winja work?

Winja facilitates a relationship between the consumer and business. It provides a transparent medium for consumers to be empowered and achieve real resolutions from businesses that value their customers.


Why am I better off Winjing than contacting businesses directly?

There is hardly such a thing as direct contact with a business today. Prerecorded operators, multiple complaints forms and templated responses make it very difficult to properly resolve issues. Winja allows for real people at these businesses to respond and address your concerns.


What's the best way to achieve a resolution from a business?

There certainly is an art to Winjing. But, every good artist starts with a blank canvas. You are given the tools on Winja to craft Winjs that best represent your experiences and your desired resolutions. The businesses on Winja are here because they value you as the consumer. They want to help you and retain your loyalty. Communicate clearly and fingers-crossed the outcome will be positive.


Should I share my Winjs on other services?

Absolutely! The more visible your Winjs, the more traction they receive. Sharing to Facebook and Twitter lets businesses know that your issues are genuine concerns that you're not afraid to make-known.


How long should I expect to wait before hearing back from a business?

Don't stress if it takes a couple of days. Sometimes the business you are Winjing about may not be with Winja yet (their loss), so they will be unable to respond to you. Rest assured that we will let them know every time they receive a Winj so they get onboard ASAP. Keep Winjing to get them listening.


Is there such thing as too much Winjing?

Please, no way! If your Winjing is constructive and relates to a genuine qualm you had with a product, service or business in general, please Winj about it. Businesses are here for you - let your voice be heard.


What if I'm not happy with the response or resolution of a business?

Only ever mark your Winj as resolved when you are satisfied with the outcome. You are welcome to continue discussions with the business after their initial response if you feel that the resolution did not meet your expectations.


Can I Winj about other things besides businesses?

Sometimes you might just fancy a good old fashioned Winj - that is completely fine! You may not desire a resolution, but just want to voice your opinion. Though, please remember to only Winj within the bounds of our Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions; these guys look after your safety and the safety of others on Winja.

Winja has

- at its core -

a desire for resolution.

Tell someone who cares.