Respect the Winja community

We don’t expect you to be best friends with everyone you cross paths with on Winja. However, we do expect you to respect other people in the Winja community using the Service. If you exercise commonsense as a member of the Winja community and adopt the common courtesies that prevail in everyday life, you will thrive and enjoy every moment as a Winja User.

We want each member of the Winja community to feel safe and empowered. That is why we have provided these Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”). These Guidelines are a set of rules that’ll ensure that your experience with Winja is a positive one. Please take these rules as they come and understand that these rules are as they are. Try to respect the rules and follow them to avoid any issues. We don’t expect you to be absolute wizards at the art of Winjing; however, we do ask that you abide by these minimum standards of behavior.


Keeping you safe


Winja thoroughly investigates any behaviour which involves threatening language inciting serious threats of harm to public or personal safety. We work hard to remove such Content threatening harm to any Users. We also work hard to remove other threats, including but not limited to financial harm, property vandalism and theft. Anyone who is found publishing this Content may be permanently banned from Winja.


Dangerous Organisations

Winja does not permit any organisations or Users that are engaged in the following to use the Winja Service:

Users who support or praise leaders of those same organisations, or condone their activities, will have their Winja profiles permanently removed.


Bullying and Harassment

We respect that you may have serious issues with a business, and the service or the products they provide. However, we do not tolerate bullying or harassment. We encourage you to Winj within the bounds of common courtesy and exercise some commonsense. Any Content that is evidently intended to degrade or shame a business or an individual will be removed. This is not confined to the harassment of Winja Users. Any degradation, hate speech or credible threats directed at public figures will also be removed.


Sexual Violence and Exploitation

We take claims of sexual violence and exploitation very seriously – this behaviour is not tolerated by Winja. Any Content that threatens or promotes sexual violence in any way, shape or form will be removed. This includes, but is not confined to, the sexual exploitation of minors.


Buying, Selling or Trading Goods or Services

Winja is not a space for Consumer Users to purchase, sell or trade any products or services, regardless of their status as a legal or an illegal good. Any offers to purchase, sell or trade goods, products or services will be deemed inappropriate for the Winja Service, and this Content will be removed. You will be issued with a warning regarding posts of this kind, and any repeat offences will result in the termination of your Winja account.


Encouraging respectful behaviour

Winja is used by people to communicate issues significant to them. For this reason, you may come across Winjs and opinions that you don’t agree with. We believe this is positive and can foster an engaging and stimulating environment for consumers and businesses to draw conclusions and reach meaningful resolutions. However, you understand that to ensure the safety of the entire Winja community, we may remove some Content or terminate the accounts of any parties who overstep the line and contravene any of the following Guidelines.



Winja is not a place for pornographic or sexually explicit Content. Explicit images of sexual intercourse are prohibited. Any descriptions of sexual acts that are vividly pronounced may also be removed. Any nudity, even if it involves yourself, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by Winja. Winja reserves the right to remove this Content and, if legally required, to disclose the Content to any relevant legal authority.


Hateful Content

Winja removes hateful Content, including, but not limited to, Content that disrespects, intimidates or undermines people based on their:

It’s not okay to post hateful or derogatory Content of any nature, but particularly when it’s intended to defame, sensationalise or be disrespectful to any Winja Consumer or Business User. These people or organisations promoting hatred will not be permitted a presence on Winja. We ask you to alert us at ‘’ to any Content which you believe is hateful. You must understand that there is a line between Winjing and being hateful towards a business – please do not cross this line, and do not encourage others to cross this line.


Violent or Graphic Content

Winja is a safe and empowering place for people to share their experiences and to raise awareness about important consumer issues. In some instances, those experiences and issues may involve violence and graphic images. Often, when people post this type of Content, they are condemning it or raising awareness about it. We remove violent or graphic Content when they are posted for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate or promote violence. When people post anything on Winja, we expect that they will share it responsibly. Do not encourage others to commit or post specific act of violence.


Keeping your information secure

At Winja our priority is your personal safety and personal information security. We will work hard to keep your personal information safe. As a condition of this, you agree to use your authentic name and identity. You understand that you must not use the personal information of others without their prior consent.


How using a real name fosters a safer & more enjoyable environment

People who engage with Winja using authentic identities create accountability for their Winjs and allow for real resolutions from real businesses. Businesses cannot provide solutions for people who do not exist. If we become aware that you have more than one personal profile, we will ask you to delete the additional profile(s). We will also ask you to delete your profile if you are indeed impersonating someone else.


How we protect you from fraud and spam

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure. We thoroughly investigate any suspected breach of security. We will examine any attempt to infiltrate the security of a profile, and if deemed to be fraud, refer the activity to relevant legal authorities.


Engage and have fun

We at Winja have developed this Service to, yes, provide a transparent platform for communication between you as consumers and the businesses you use, but equally, Winja is here for YOUR enjoyment. Join in with Winjs posted by friends and family. Prompt meaningful conversation. Question the norms that other consumers might have come to accept. And enjoy the Service – after all, it is here for you!

If you are not enjoying the Service, please let us know at ‘’. Your feedback is important to us and we are always looking for bigger and better ways to deliver empowerment for you.

We look forward to watching your interactions flourish!

The Winja Team