Winjas get their complaints heard, supported & amplified.

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Winja, the go-to place for social complaining

Don't just complain, Winj and be heard. Winja is the go-to social media platform and app for online social complaining.

If you have a legitimate Winj against a business, product or service, Winja amplifies your complaints to a community that actually cares.

In Winja..

  • Don’t just be a whinger, be a Winja.
  • Tag your location, add friends and tag a business to be heard.
  • Be supported by other like-minded Winjas in our community.
  • Amplify your Winj on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Turn your negative experience into a positive one.


In Winja, everything is transparent and public.

Winja Features

Welcome to Australia's number 1 community for social complaining.


Post a Winj

Have your voice heard by posting your Winjs in the Winj Feed. Make your Winj count by using our @businesstag, Winjometer, #hashtag, location tag, and friend tagging functionalities.


The Winjometer

You might just want to have a good ol’fashioned Winj, or maybe you’re seeking a refund or compensation. The Winjometer helps you tell businesses and your community what you want. They’ll soon be listening!



Share your Winj on Facebook and Twitter to amplify your voice to the wider community.

Free Winja App

If you have a poor experience with a business, product or service, get it off your chest and Winj in the moment – you'll feel much better! Download now.